CEF Organics Terms & Conditions
  1. CEF reserves the right to sell the product.
  2. CEF reserves the rights to take decisions on refund as per its refund policy.
  3. CEF shall have no responsibility whatsoever on usage and output on basis of its material usage.
  4. CEF shall take no responsibility of any product tested at any place other than at CEF facility before or after packing in physical presence of CEF authorized representative.
  5. CEF reserves the right to certify the gardeners and appoint representatives for servicing the orders however CEF shall not be responsible for any act of any such trained or certified gardener or organic grower whatsoever.
  6. CEF shall reserve the right to appoint its resellers, wholesalers, representatives, C&F agents, etc. and also reserves the right to cancel the license of the same as per its discretion.
  7. CEF shall not be responsible for any product’s availability or non-availability or delays in delivery if occurs due to any reason.
  8. CEF can cancel orders or apply a surcharge of any expense unforeseen or due to any logistical issue leading to increasing the cost of the landed product.


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