Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria


Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria (PSB), a revolutionary solution to enhance soil phosphorus availability and promote optimal plant nutrition. PSB is a specialized group of beneficial bacteria that excel at converting insoluble forms of phosphorus in the soil into soluble forms that plants can readily absorb.


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Phosphorus is the second main nutrient for plants. It has a major role in crop production. NAFED PSB is a balanced mixture of phosphorous-soluble bacteria. On seed treatment or land treatment from NAFED PSB, it converts the insoluble phosphorus available in the soil into a soluble form, which is easily used by plants.

Method of use: Seed treatment method: Mix a packet (250 g) in water as needed and treat well on top of the seeds. Dry the seeds in the shade and sow immediately.

Method of transplanting: Dissolve three packets of NAFED PSB in 40-50 litres of water and sow the seeds to be sown for 10 minutes by immersing them in it for 10 minutes and sowing them immediately.

Land treatment method: 2 grams (8 packets) of NAFED PSB mixed well in 50 kg of dung manure and mixed evenly in the soil.  Irrigate immediately after that.

Seedling method: Dissolve two packets of PSB in 15-20 litres and dip the roots in it for ten minutes and sow immediately thereafter.

Advantages: Using PSB can save up to 50% in phosphorus fertilizer content. Its use improves the health of the plants and increases the yield by 10 to 40 per cent.  PSB benefits all types of crops and plants.

Available: In packs of 5 KG, 1 KG, 250 G, and 150 G.

Company Information

We are manufacturers of Organic agricultural inputs. Our products are designed specifically to meet today’s pressing concerns about degradation of the environment and the threat that chemical inputs bring to human health. Our products are safe to use, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, naturally protect crops, and aid in boosting crop yields.

Our Organic Agri- Input products include Organic Manure-Apna Khad, Liquid Products Range include – Organic NPK Booster, Organic Potassium Booster, Organic Nitrogen Booster, Organic Phosphorus Booster, Seed Germination Booster, Organic Insecticides, Organic Pesticide, Organic Fungicide and Range of Bio-Fertilizers i.e. Rhizobium, Azotobacter, PSB, Acetobacter, Trichoderma and composting culture.

Our organic products contribute to improved soil structure, resulting in improved water infiltration and greater water-holding capacity leading to decreased crop water stress, soil erosion, and increased nutrient retention. The ability of manure to maintain or build soil organic matter levels has a direct impact on enhancing the amount of carbon sequestration in cropped soils.


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