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Composting Culture, the perfect solution to supercharge your composting process and create nutrient-rich compost for your garden or farm. This specialized blend of beneficial microorganisms and organic matter accelerates the decomposition of organic waste, transforming it into high-quality compost in a shorter time frame.


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Composting culture is a state-of-the-art efficient mix of bacteria, which decompose agricultural residues in working time and convert them into useful compost manure. 1 K.G. of Composting Culture is able to make compost manure of one tractor trolley for an unusable constituent from crops. Dissolve a packet in ten liters of water and sprinkle evenly on a pile of unusable substances per tractor-trolley.  Then moisten the pile of water at an interval of ten days. Through this method, the farmer gets good compost manure in just 60 to 90 days.

Precautions for the use of products: Store in cold places. Use it before the last date marked on the packet. Do not mix bacterial fertilizers with chemical fertilizers and medicines. If you have to treat fungicidal drugs, then all other treatments complete with bacterial manure should be done. The rhizobium bacterial manure should be used only in the crops, written on its packet.

Available: In the packs of 5 KG and 1 KG.

Company Information

We are manufacturers of Organic agricultural inputs. Our products are designed specifically to meet today’s pressing concerns about degradation of the environment and the threat that chemical inputs bring to human health. Our products are safe to use, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, naturally protect crops, and aid in boosting crop yields.

Our Organic Agri- Input products include Organic Manure-Apna Khad, Liquid Products Range include – Organic NPK Booster, Organic Potassium Booster, Organic Nitrogen Booster, Organic Phosphorus Booster, Seed Germination Booster, Organic Insecticides, Organic Pesticide, Organic Fungicide and Range of Bio-Fertilizers i.e. Rhizobium, Azotobacter, PSB, Acetobacter, Trichoderma and composting culture.

Our organic products contribute to improved soil structure, resulting in improved water infiltration and greater water-holding capacity leading to decreased crop water stress, soil erosion, and increased nutrient retention. The ability of manure to maintain or build soil organic matter levels has a direct impact on enhancing the amount of carbon sequestration in cropped soils.


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