Rhizobium, a powerful solution to enhance plant growth and maximize yields in your garden or farm. Rhizobium, you can unlock the full potential of your plants by improving their access to nitrogen, an essential nutrient for healthy growth


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Rhizobium mainly satisfies the nitrogen requirement in plants while living in symbiotic form with all pulses and some oilseed crops.  After germination, they go to the roots and sterilize small lumps and convert atmospheric nitrogen into nitrate and give it to the plants. Use only the prescribed and appropriate NAFED Rhizobium for each crop.

Method of Use : Seed treatment : Dissolve 150g (1 packet ) in 300ml of water and plant one acre of hayseeds on a floor, dry it in shade and sow  immediately

Land Treatment : Mix 5kg (10 packets ) with 50 kg of manure of pure dung in the shade and scattered over one acre.

Advantages : About 20 to 30 percent  more crop yield. With its use, on average, 40 to 80kg of nitrogen per hectare is  converted and left in the land, which also benefits  the upcoming crop. The germination of seeds are faster and the growth of plants will be more. Like other chemical fertilizers, they do not cause any kind of pollution or ill effects.

Benefited Crops: Mung ,Urud, Chaula, Arhar, Moth, Guar, Berseem, Rizka Soyabean, Groundnut, Chana, Pea, Masoor, Dhencha Sunny Beans and other types of Beans and Crops.

Available : In packs of 5kg, 1kg, 250gm & 150gms

Company Information

We are manufacturers of Organic agricultural inputs. Our products are designed specifically to meet today’s pressing concerns about degradation of the environment and the threat that chemical inputs bring to human health. Our products are safe to use, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, naturally protect crops, and aid in boosting crop yields.

Our Organic Agri- Input products include Organic Manure-Apna Khad, Liquid Products Range include – Organic NPK Booster, Organic Potassium Booster, Organic Nitrogen Booster, Organic Phosphorus Booster, Seed Germination Booster, Organic Insecticides, Organic Pesticide, Organic Fungicide and Range of Bio-Fertilizers i.e. Rhizobium, Azotobacter, PSB, Acetobacter, Trichoderma and composting culture.

Our organic products contribute to improved soil structure, resulting in improved water infiltration and greater water-holding capacity leading to decreased crop water stress, soil erosion, and increased nutrient retention. The ability of manure to maintain or build soil organic matter levels has a direct impact on enhancing the amount of carbon sequestration in cropped soils.


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