Apna Khaad Vermi Compost

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Apna Khaad, this product is specially for Vermi. Completely Indian Made and organic


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Urban farmer vermi special is an organic manure produced in natural conditions using earthworms. Vermi special manure is rich in macro nutrients like nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potash (K) and other secondary micro nutrients in much larger quantity.

Benefits of using Urban Farmer Vermi Special

✔   Enriches soil with micro-organisms.

✔   Increases flowering and fruiting.

✔   Protects and nourishes plants100% Organic, Eco-friendly

✔   It is the best nutrition for kitchen garden, terrace garden, and pot/container plants

✔   It enhances the decomposition of organic matter in the soil.

✔   It minimises the incidence of pests and diseases.

✔   It improves taste, lusture and maintains the quality of the produce

✔   Good farming is possible with its use, leading to cost reduction of water and chemical fertilizers

✔   Enhances physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil.

✔   Increases fertility of the land at low cost

✔   Vermi special can be used for everything from small house plants to large outdoor flower gardens to entire lawns.

Additional Info

Nutrient value of vermicompost

Nutrient Content
Organic carbon 9.6- 12.9 %
Nitrogen 0.8-1.2 %
Phosphorus 0.5-1.0 %
Potassium 4.0-4.8 %
Calcium 0.4-0.8%
Magnesium 0.3-0.6%
Sulphur 0.5-1.0 %
Iron 0.2050-1.3313 ppm
Copper 2.0-9.5 ppm
Zinc 5.7-11.5 ppm
pH 7.2

Dosage/use of urban farmer in pots

Ideally, vermi special is added in soil mixture during potting of a new plant. One part garden soil, one part coco-peat and one part veri special ( 1:1:1), all three are thoroughly mixed and added to the pot.

Step 1. Apply vermi special by sprinkling away from the stem near the roots.
Step 2. Water the plants after application.
This process can be repeated 3-4 times a year


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