Organic manures are natural products used by farmers to provide food (plant nutrients) for the crop plants. There are a number of organic manures like farmyard manure, green manures, compost prepared from crop residues and other farm wastes, vermicompost, oil cakes, and biological wastes – animal bones, slaughter house refuse. 


Organic manures increase the organic matter in the soil. Organic matter in turn releases the plant food in available from for the use of crops. However, organic manures should not be seen only as carriers of plant food. These manures also enable a soil to hold more water and also help to improve the drainage in clay soils. They provide organic acids that help to dissolve soil nutrients and make them available for the plants. 

Yes, the same can be done fully in one go or gradually as per the soil, climate, water condition of the area.

Organic manure does not have any chemical content and is naturally prepared.  They are healthiest ingredients  for plants whereas chemical fertilizers are produced in chemical based factories and produces not natural .

Organic manures have low nutrient content and therefore need to be applied in larger quantities. The nutrient content of organic manures is highly variable from place to place, lot to lot, and method of preparation. The composition of fertilizers is almost constant.

Mail us at [email protected] or Call us at 1800 5720 988 to change your order information. Please note that after your order is shipped you cannot change any details on your order.

Mail us at [email protected] or Call us at 1800 5720 988 to change your order information. Please note that after your order is shipped you cannot change any details on your order.

Yes, you can place the orders on the phone. Call us on 1800 5720 988. We are available from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm (Mon – Sat).

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