CEF germination Booster

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Germination Booster is a premium product specially formulated to enhance seed germination and early seedling growth. This organic nectar provides a safe and eco-friendly solution to optimize the success of your seeds. With Germination Booster, you can give your seeds a healthy head start, promoting faster and more vigorous growth.


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In organic and natural farming, CEF Germination Booster is an Organic seed treatment solution, used for seed treatment. CEF Germination Booster increases the germination capacity of the seeds as well as protects them from harmful fungi and seed germs. Works with seedlings and improves seed germination and rapid rooting


· Increases the germination capacity of the seeds and protects them from harmful
fungi and seed germs.
· Feeds the seedlings instantly and helps in better growth and rooting

Standard Dosage:

· 24 hours before sowing make a mix of 20 ml /liters for seed treatment.
· Mix the required quantity in the water and prepare a mix. Pour Seeds into the mix
and wait for seed germination after sprouting sow the seeds in the field.

· Apply on seeds and mix thoroughly with sprinkling water and mix it well it on all
seeds with help of both hands. Keep the seeds in the shade for half an hour before

Precautions: Keep it in a shade and dry place.

Usage: For all kinds of Horticultural and Agricultural crops.

Available: In packs of 5 liters, 2 liters, 1 liter, 500 ml, and 250 ml.


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