Organic Manure Wheat(Gehu)


Apna Khaad, this product is specially for wheat. Completely Indian Made and organic .

One pack is for 50 Kgs

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Wheat is a main crop, but by assuming it to be a household crop or self-consumption crop, the farmer don’t concentrate on its farming which results in small grains and less yield. Timely sowing and right dose is important for the wheat crop. The farmers who grow wheat crop for self-consumption and for cattle straw, should keep in mind that if right quantity of the nutrients is not given to the crop, then the flour and straw may not meet the requirements of the body of us and of cattle. Nowadays, the use of many types of pesticides in wheat is making this problem severe.

Apna Khaad which is made of natural ingredients, is rich of friendly organisms along with nutrients. It is the only Organic Manure which has been made using a special procedure and does not contain any type of weed seeds (Mandusi), insects or their eggs, disease spreading harmful germs. Moreover, it does not have foul odor.

Additional Info

Benefits of Apna Khaad

✔ Increases water-holding capacity of the soil by binding the water directly with the organic matter, due to which the roots get nutrients dissolved in water, which saves irrigation water.

✔ The roots of the crop reaches deeper by using it and take up full food whereby one get more yield of wheat.

✔ Apna Khaad is the only Organic Manure rich of friendly organisms. Many types of friendly organisms live in soil which provide benefit for a longer period

✔ The friendly organisms present in it continuously provide required nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash to the farm and wheat remain protected during light-rain.

✔ It does not contain any toxic material and maintains the natural taste of the wheat grown in it which is completely safe and healthy for mankind.

✔ The farmer brothers and sisters are requested to do at least farming of wheat for their own consumption and have a unique taste of bread.

How to use

250 to 500 Kg of Apna Khaad per Acre, spread uniformly in the farm at the time of final cultivation.


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