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Apna Khaad, this product is specially for Vegetable. Completely Indian Made and organic .

One pack is for 50 Kgs


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Vegetable seed is expensive as well as delicate. Special care has to be taken for its germination or rooting in the nursery or in the farm. The better the softness, friability and nutrient-content in the soil, the better the germination and rooting of the seed. If the soil of the nursery or farm is sandy it lacks the nutrients and the plants grow weak and the vegetable produced will be small in size and the yield will be less. On the contrary, if the soil is hard, while pulling the plant its roots get damaged to a greater extent and later on its rooting get affected. Under both such situations, the farmer has to suffer from the loss. What shall be done in such situations?

Use of any kind of raw dung or other Organic Manure may be harmful for the seeds and plants, because this raw manure rots inside the soil and generates the heat. In this case, there is a strong possibility that the seeds and plants will burn and destroyed. On the other side, if the raw manure stay on the surface of the soil then they are affected by the harmful insects and viruses and damage the seeds and plants.

Presenting Apna Khaad! Apna Khaad is a unique Organic Manure rich of friendly organisms. These micro-organisms helps in maintaining the soil healthy and protects the small plants from soil containing diseases. This is such a unique Organic Manure that has been made by a special procedure and it does not contain any kind of weed seeds, insects or eggs, disease spreading harmful germs. Moreover, it does not have any foul odor. This is very easy to use and completely safe. Apna Khaad is a very effective land improver and benefits the nursery and plants as follows.

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Benefits of Apna Khaad

✔ Improves the soil texture of the nursery and makes hard soil soft. Also binds the sandy soil and makes it capable to hold the water.

✔ Increases the water-holding capacity of the soil by binding directly the water with the organic matter.

✔ Hard soil becomes soft and opens up whereby the roots of the plant becomes dense and gets rooted quickly when planted in the main farm.

How to use

✔ Use 2 to 5 Kg of Apna Khaad for the nursery of 1 x 1 meter of Tomato, Brinjal, Chili, Capsicum, Cabbage and Cauliflower etc.

✔ Use 250 Kg per Acre for the main farm of these crops, at the time of final cultivation and 200 gms per plant while putting soil on it.

✔ Use 500 Kg per Acre at the time of final cultivation for the direct sown crops like Ladyfinger, Spinach, Peas, Carrots, Radish etc.

✔ All the crops of Notaru wherein soil is put on, use Apna Khaad in two installments, i.e. half at the time of final cultivation and remaining while putting the soil on.


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