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Apna Khaad, This product is specially for potato crop. Completely Organic and Indian Made.

One pack is for 50 Kgs

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Potato farming is usually done in the sandy soil. This type of soil contain very less or minimal organic matter and this cannot hold the water. On the contrary, farmers use chemical Organic Manure more than required for the potato crop which gets dissolved into the water and go far below the roots.

This means high cost of farming or waste of money. Potato crop require nutrients for a long period of time but the farmers puts most of the Organic Manure during preparation of the farm which may not be available after some time. Potato is a crop with roots and for this the soil must be loamy and soft so that the potato tubers become big, shiny and of similar size.

Additional Info

Apna Khaad, specially for potato crop, is a very effective land improver and as mentioned below is beneficial for the soil and crop.

✔ It improves the soil texture and makes hard soil friable and also binds the sandy soil.

✔ Apna Khaad makes the soil soft so that potato become big, shiny and of similar size.

✔ Maintains the natural taste of the potato whereby one gets good market value

✔ This does not have any kind of foul odor and does not stick to hands, i.e. no problem arise in transporting or using it.

✔ This is a very seasoned Organic Manure and does not soften after entering the soil and starts working from day one.

✔ The friendly organism keeps the Potato crop protected by killing the harmful disease-spreading viruses present in the soil of the farm.

✔ The friendly organism also generates the micronutrients in the soil. Apna Khaad also contains the micronutrients required for the potato crop.

✔ The plants slowly and permanently get nutrients from the Organic Manure, i.e. the benefit of Organic Manure remain for up to more than one season, i.e. one gets more yield of the crop after potato crop.

How to use: spread 500 Kg or 10 gunny bags of Apna Khaad uniformly in the farm before final cultivation of potato farm or before making weir using machine and be relaxed.

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    Great Product by CEF organics.

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