Organic Manure Dhaan (Rice)


Apna Khaad, This Product is specially for Dhaan(paddy or Rice). Completely Organic and Indian made.

One pack is for 50 Kgs

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Paddy is a crop that requires plantation, therefore it is most important work to prepare a healthy and strong plant. Mostly it has been seen that the number of plants that are grown in the nursery are not used in that quantity and the main reason for that is breaking of plants while pulling them. For this it is necessary that the soil of the nursery should be soft and crisp and should have required nutrients and moisture.

Introducing Apna Khaad which is made of all natural ingredients and is a very effective land reformer rich of friendly organisms. Apna Khaad has been made especially for Paddy nursery. Apna Khaad improves the soil texture. It makes hard soil soft and along with it binds the sandy soil too. It means that Apna Khaad is very useful for the nursery made of any type of soil.

Additional Info

Benefits of Apna Khaad

✔ This makes the nursery soil soft and friable due to which the roots of Paddy plants gets developed and grow in full size.

✔ Upon pulling for plantation, no damage occur to their roots and farmers get full benefit of it having pulled all the plants out easily and seeds are fully utilized and less seed yields more crop.

✔ The plants gets rooted immediately in the farm due to the developed roots.

✔ Because it contain all types of nutrients, the plants grow healthy and does not get the disease of yellowing.

✔ By using Apna Khaad the water-holding capacity of the soil of nursery increases due to which no frequent irrigation is required.

✔ Healthy plant later on becomes a good paddy tree, which is able to take more food and gives good yield.

How to use

✔ A nursery admeasuring 200 to 300 square meter or 600 to 900 square feet is required to get one acre crop. Use one gunny bag (50 Kg) of Apna Khaad for such size of nursery

✔ For main crop, spread 500 Kg per Acre uniformly in the farm before cultivating the field.


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